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Taxis for all your needs

If you are in a hurry and need to get a taxi, you have come to the right place. The company Taxijessica serves you whenever you are in need of transportation, from Hanko in the south of Finland to Utsjoki in the north. We offer you the following services: chartered rides, contracted taxi, Kela-taxi or just a taxi to where the party is. As we have been operating in the region of Hanko and Raasepori since 2004 and in Levi-Kittilä  since 2020, we know our customers and the business.

In the summer, you can find us at festivals and othe events all over Finland. We offer a competitive price and as a customer you pay only for the ride. We don’t charge any extra fees for  reservations, airport surcharges or any other surcharges.

High-quality taxi services

Taxijessica is a trademark for: customer service, quality, reliability, accessibility and safe on-time transports. We keep our promises and we do not compromise on it. These are values which we all are proud of and that we hold on to. You can order a taxi from us on any day , at any time. Just contact us and the car will be at your door at an instant. We are flexible, we have professional drivers and we offer modern and contemporary equipment. Whether you’re traveling alone or with a  group, we offer private cars and taxis for your various needs. There are also electric cars if you value a more silent and ecological means of transportation. Premium and VIP transports are also available  with suitable classy cars. The choice is yours!

You can reach us conveniently in your own way

You can reach us by phone, e-mail, snail mail or you can easily order a taxi, right away or in advance at a set  time, by using our domestically produced application. Using our application, you can also bid on the price and thus you will know in advance what your transport will cost. However, if there happens to be a queue, you may be served faster if offering the driver a reasonable tip. You will then move ahead of the queue.  Of course, you can also use our pre-order from the link below; everything works and you will get your ride on time.

Calling costs the same as the normal local network fee. Our application is completely free